Mr Michael Wardlaw - Podiatric Surgeon, Blakelands Hospital, Milton Keynes

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Mr Michael Wardlaw - Podiatric Surgery

Mr Michael Wardlaw is a Podiatric Surgeon at Blakelands Hospital, Milton Keynes

Clinical interests

Mr Wardlaw performs a wide range of foot surgery for various conditions including osteotomies for hallux valgus, arthrodeses for hallux rigidus, arthroplasties for hammer toe deformities, excision of soft tissue masses eg ganglions, lesser metatarsal osteotomies for painful plantar lesions, Morton’s neuroma excisions etc.

He also performs steroid injections and provides orthotics. 

Academic background

Mr Wardlaw is an experienced clinician with a wide range of hospital and community posts, over 37 years, as a podiatrist and over 11 years as one of only 60 Consultant Podiatric Surgeons employed by the NHS in the UK.

- 2011 - present: Blakelands Hospital
- 2004 - present: Consultant Podiatric Surgeon Kent community Health Trust 
- 2006 -  present: MSAS Musculow Skeletal Podiatrist, Milton Keynes PCT 
- 2004: Buxton – Locum Associate Specialist in Podiatric Surgery 
- 2003: Northampton – Locum Associate Specialist in Podiatric Surgery

Professional Memberships

- Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SOCAP)Health
- Professions Council (HPC)  Reg # CH07019

NHS base

Blakelands Hospital

Clinic Times

Flexible - check with appointments