Scheduled for Surgery - What happens next?

Your Consultant has requested your surgery to be performed at Blakelands Hospital.

A booking form requesting your surgery will have been completed and you may have been asked to sign a consent form. 

You will have been asked to complete a medical questionnaire before leaving Outpatients which will be used by our pre assessment team to decide whether you need to be seen for tests prior to admission.

If your Consultant has not agreed a specific date for surgery with you during your clinic appointment you will receive a letter from one of our friendly Admissions Team within a few weeks, offering you an admission date.

Do you have any important diary dates or holidays booked?

Please let the nurse in clinic or the Admissions Team know in advance if you have any holidays booked or dates that you are unavailable. 

If you are flying it is important that we are aware of the dates of your travel as this may affect your scheduled surgery date.

Now you’ve accepted your surgery date

Once you have accepted your date for surgery, it is extremely important that you keep this date available and attend for your surgery. 

Reducing cancelled operations

Cancelling your operation will delay your surgery and could mean that we cannot offer the appointment slot to someone else. Missed/cancelled appointments are a waste of time, resources and money - money which could have been spent on
other areas of patient care. 

Cancellations also bring the additional administrative cost of re-scheduling appointments and can result in unused theatre slots.

If for any reason a cancellation is unavoidable please give as much notice as possible to allow us to attempt to reallocate the appointment to another patient.

Prior to your admission

Prior to your operation you will receive an admissionletter/pack. Please do not worry if this is only 2-weeks before your admission date. 

Please read this letter carefully as it will confirm the date and time you agreed for your admission together with any ‘fasting’ details and an appointment for any pre-operative tests that you may require (please look for this information within the letter). If you do not attend your pre-operative appointment, your surgery cannot go ahead.

If you require a face to face pre-assessment you will be sent an appointment, or you may receive a telephone assessment call, however a review of our medical questionnaire may be enough.

Any questions?

If you have any questions pertaining to your surgerythe nurse at your pre-operative appointment will be happy to advise you.


Please note that your admission time is NOT the time that you will be going to theatre. We will try to minimise the waiting time but please be aware that there may be a waiting period.

Please help us to give our patients the best service that we possibly can. Cancelled appointmentscause the loss of admission slots that could have been used for essential surgery.

Each month we do have patients who do not attend for their admission, failing to cancel their appointment. This means everyone waits longer to be seen. Please make every effort to keep your appointment.


Pre-operative fasting is very important when preparing for surgery.

Our aim is to ensure that you are safe and comfortable during your surgery and to take into consideration any complications. Following the fasting instructions below will help us to do this. 

Ignoring these guidelines may mean that your surgery is cancelled.

1. Oral fluids during your fasting period:
Drinking non-carbonated water ONLY up to 2 hours before your admission is safe in healthy patients and improves your wellbeing.
2. Solid foods during your fasting period:
Foods (solids, milk and sweets) must not be consumed for a minimum of six hours prior to admission.
3. Chewing gum during your fasting period:
Chewing gum is NOT permitted on the day of your surgery.
4. Medication:
Medication that you take on a regular basis should be continued unless you are advised otherwise. If you are not sure please contact the hospital.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the hospital ward team on 01908 334 200

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