Meet Mr Michel Wardlaw - Consultant Podiatric Surgeon
Wednesday 16 May 2018

We’ve all probably experienced problems or pain in our feet at some point, but at what point does a niggle become something we need to get seen to?

I don’t operate unless the problem is painful – e.g. if it keeps you awake at night, you have difficulty finding and wearing shoes, if painkillers do not reduce the pain enough, if you cannot live with the condition then I operate. I always try the simple things first e.g. orthotics-I can advised and can recommend what appropriate orthotics to buy online.

Minimally invasive surgery has come on significantly – how have you seen procedures change over time?

I don’t do minimally invasive surgery – the complication rates are I believe, too high for foot surgery.  Very few of my colleagues do this.

What are the most common issues you treat?

Most common conditions treated - Forefoot surgery – hallux valgus (Bunions), hallux rigidus (osteoarthritis (OA) big toe joint), hammer toes/ clawed toes / mallet toes etc. (toe deformities), MTPJ pain/deformities, mid tarsal OA, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), general/nonspecific forefoot pain e.g. Morton’s neuroma, biomechanical problems – e.g. over pronation and associated knee hip or back pain, leg length differences causing low back or Sacro iliac joint pain, in growing toenails.

Arthritis has been a part of a national campaign recently – what relief can you provide?

I can recommend soft orthotics to buy online (good but inexpensive), joint steroid injections, cheilectomies, fusions or in extreme cases joint implants.

We often neglect our feet – what can we do to take better care of them? 

Wear shoes that aren’t painful, see a foot specialist for specialised advice and if a problem doesn’t resolve then see a specialist, e.g. me! 

Finally, when you aren’t at the hospital, how do you like to spend your free time?

I am a keen member of a walking club, and enjoy skiing, history, scuba diving, grandchildren, travelling, and life!

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