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Focus on Mr Kumar - Our Consultant Ophthalmologist
Tuesday 20 December 2016

Mr Bimal Kumar is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at Blakelands Hospital in Milton Keynes who specialises in Cataract surgery. An experienced Ophthalmologist, Mr Kumar performs a wide range of eye procedures at Blakelands Hospital.

1. How long have you been working as an Ophthalmologist and why did you choose this area of expertise?

I have been working as an Ophthalmologist for 25 years, after I qualified at the University of Sydney, Australia. I chose Ophthalmology as a specialty because it involves a combination of medicine, surgery and the use of exciting cutting edge technology. It is a very rewarding specialty.

2. What are the most typical eye conditions that you treat?

I treat many Cataracts, but also help patients with eyelid and tear duct disorders and those with Glaucoma.

3. What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

The joy that cataract patients express when I see them one week after their surgery is priceless.

4. Can you tell us what you find beneficial about what Blakelands Hospital has to offer to patients?

Blakelands is a convenient, accessible, friendly hospital that offers excellent medical and day case surgical care. Patients comment that their pathway for surgery is smooth and quick, and that the nursing staff are friendly and helpful. The hospital is clean and modern.

5. You're obviously a very busy man. How do you relax?

I enjoying playing golf when I get the time (particularly if I can hit the ball straight!) and spending time with the family, although this isn’t always relaxing!


Mr Kumar is available for both NHS and Private patient appointments. For NHS appointments, ask your GP or Optician to refer you to Blakelands Hospital. Call 01908 334 200 for Private patient enquiries.

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